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Curtain Wall Design + Construction Consulting

Corté has extensive experience in building envelope systems design, product research 
​and development, materials testing and compliance certification, building exterior construction practices, and building systems coordination and interface integration.  We actively participate ​in all areas of project coordination, including scope development, scheduling, project documentation, problem solving, code compliance review, sequencing work, design critique, shop drawing review and coordination, weekly coordination meetings, quality assurance and exterior facade commissioning.  

We have been frequently engaged under a construction consulting services agreement which was later transitioned to include system design development of the exterior curtain wall / window wall systems.  Corté has worked as the liaison with the architect and construction team to develop the exterior wall system design and working details.   We have also collaborated with the manufacturing company to direct the fabrication information, manufacturing process, unit assembly and to consult with the exterior wall subcontractor regarding proper installation methods and problem solving with field coordination issues.

Exterior Wall System Design

Corté provides curtain wall design development services, beginning with design concept development, system component design and system detailing as well as manufacturing process, factory planning, unit assembly, validation testing, code compliance, logistics and installation.  

We translate our facade system designs into 3D views to show proper design and application of anchors, fasteners, sealants and other components.  Issues are worked through long before construction begins.  This is a valuable tool as we design complex curtain wall geometries and forward complete data to piece-part manufacturers.

Building Forensics

Corté routinely consults on forensic construction investigation teams, including all phases
​of the investigation activities and report preparation.  The firm has served on many construction defect teams with a heavy emphasis on matters relating to building envelopes.  Corté’s founder, David Clifton, has been retained as a building / construction expert in both plaintiff and defense litigation. 

Performance Testing and Building Facade Commissioning

The exterior envelope has a significant impact on the physical, environmental and energy-related qualities of a building.  Corté has tested the performance of hundreds of building envelopes and developed strategies to optimize energy savings, indoor comfort and sustainability for advanced envelopes, traditional envelopes and retrofit projects.  Corté has expertise in testing and evaluating all aspects of building envelope performance, including air tightness, thermal insulation, moisture response, thermal bridging, acoustics, light, fire response / resistance, service life, maintenance / operational costs, code compliance and sustainability. 

Property Inspections / Condition Assessments

Corté has consulted with many commercial property owners who have experienced losses due to severe weather such as tornados, hurricanes, and intense wind, rain and hail.  Corté has provided detailed property condition assessments that identified the full extent of the damage and made a successful case for insurance proceeds.  This has been particularly helpful in situations where an insurance claim was previously denied.  ​


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